Second best? You should be so lucky!

I just read an article in the Chicago Sun-Times about a new program that Mayor Emanuel is initiating where at least 20% of City of Chicago hiring will be awarded to Chicago Public Schools graduates.
That’s just great!
Another set aside.
As if any of them have ever worked before.
Long ago, I took a test to become a Chicago Fire Fighter. I crushed on the physical – scoring in the top 1%, passed in the 90th percentile on the written, but magically, I was not hired.
During the physical, one of the tests was to pick up a 90 pound dummy and carry it along an obstacle course. I was able to do it in 11 seconds. Some men and women did not do it in less than a minute, and some closer to two.
You may think this is a shot against women; it is not.
This is a shot against giving a job to the least qualified, whether it be a man, woman, or person of color.
This is a shot against those who would punish the job seeker who tried his hardest, studied in school, exercised regularly, and anything else that should put a person in the front of a line for a job.
Yet again, our government has failed to taxpayer.
They have an obligation to use our tax dollars in the most efficient way possible. There is a moral, ethical, and a civic responsibility to hire the best that are applying, without regard to race, sex, or anything else but aptitude for the job qualifications and job duties.
The elected officials are in on this in a big way.
They think these public service jobs are a public slush fund for hiring people recommended by friends they owe favors to, or family that cannot get a job on their own. These politicians actually think they own the government.
I say if they want to hire friends and family, then open a business and hire all of them you want.
My guess is that the business would cease to exist within a year.
These sneaky bastards have written into our state law that all of the testing is either a pass or a fail.
So if you try very hard to keep fit, and study for the written test, it does not matter, because you are starting in the same place as someone who sat on the sofa too long eating Ding-Dongs; or even worse, someone who coasted through high school and barely graduated.
Is that bad enough? Just getting started my friends. They have written the law to allow for an oral interview that is subjective, not objective.
These politicians bastardize their civic duties to you, the taxpayer. They get away with it because nobody pays attention.
So in other words, the board interviewers can ‘decide’ they do not like your answer to any vague and ridiculous questions they want to ask that may or may not have anything to do with the job. It is another way they allow people to hire friends, relatives, and anyone they owe a favor to; (or as I said before, another way to hire a set-aside group).
Try getting any proper or correct service by any government institution nowadays, and if you get someone who was second best in the hiring line, you would be the luckiest person in the world.., but it is not going to happen. Not in this day and age.
So I ask, who do you want carrying your unconscious body out of a burning building?
Especially if you weigh more than 90 pounds.
Most likely, you will die if you cannot get out yourself. If you had the second best rescuing you, you would be very lucky.
But in today’s environment, our government caters to those who refuse to try to excel.
To be fair, I have seen women on this test who were every bit as good as the men, but if they weren’t the flavor set-aside of the month, they also got the big kiss-off.
We are now a nation of ‘worst-bests’ that are hired for political purposes on yours and my tax dollars.
If you are being mugged by a huge guy high on who knows what, who do you want wrestling them off of you? A strong, fit Police Officer, or a political appointee?
If you are talking to the IRS about you taxes, who do you want to give you the best advice? The person who barely graduated high school? Well that is what you get.
I will say it again, government has an intrinsic duty to give us the best return on our taxes and protect us with civil servants who are the best trained, most physically fit (if the job requires it), and care enough to have tried to be the best.
If people choose to sit on the sofa and not exercise, if you choose not to go to college, if you choose to not study in high school, then you have made your choice, and it is not the governments’ job to hold your hand after those decisions. It is your job to ‘nut up’ and change.
Instead, we have this.
50 years ago we had a real need for affirmative action and programs like those.
40 years ago? Yep, still a need.
30? Keep going, I remember well the struggles of integrating society with working women, minorities, and all other considerations.
When did we stop needing this? Surely it was many years ago – I cannot give a decisive year, but I can assure you that in today’s day and age, it does more harm than good, and rewards those who do not try or think they still deserve something that they do not.
We are officially a nation of worst bests; at least on the government side. So pray you never need the services of a government employee, for you might get one of those set asides trying to carry you out of a burning building.

Voter ID Laws – The Ultimate Burden??

A federal court in Washington ruled on Thursday that a Texas Voter ID law violates the Voting Rights Act.

This idiocracy is so far off the reservation it makes my head  hurt. I feel the aneurysm swelling in my head.

The court stated, “it imposes strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor, and racial minorities in  Texas”.

Are you kidding me?? Just exactly how is this a burden?

Going to the DMV once every ten years? Yes, every ten years. Once a person goes to the DMV, they can renew by mail the next few times. Even for the states that make a person renew in person, every 4 years is not too much to ask from anyone.

If they can make the effort to go to the polls, they can certainly go get an ID, which is needed for everything from opeing a bank account to cashing a check anywhere.

How do these poor burdened voters do these everyday things without IDs??

Do the poor and minorities not ever leave their homes to go shopping at the market, or visit friends and family? Are they chained to the radiator? Are the doors  barred shut?

Is it the $10 fee? Well people in poverty can have that waived very easily.

So again, what exactly is the unforgivable burden?

Missing work?

Well, we all have to make adjustments to get to the DMV when it is our time, and some poor do not have jobs, so the time factor in those cases is moot.

This is just another of many stupid fantasies and misinformation that the elite put out.

They sit around their cocktail  parties and  think, “Ooh, those poor, poor people. Thank God that they have us to look out for them”.

I’m sorry, did I say God? They would never think to thank God for anything.  My bad.

The people making these statements and judgements like these are doing more damage to society and the people they claim to be representing than they know.

They take away their sense of responsibility and  being an independent person with certain duties  that America expects. We are talking about a bus ride or a walk once every four years to the nearest DMV and asking for a fee waiver, then getting their shiny, new ID.

On another note, without an ID, how exactly do these poor people get Food Stamps, Welfare, Public Aid, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, or drive a car with insurance??

I have an idea, and  I will be happy to lead the charge.

I will pick up and drive ten poor people without ID’s to the local DMV and pay for their new ID’s.

Will any liberal follow my lead?

I doubt it. It is easier to postulate on a soapbox in the academic and elitist circles during cocktail  parties of Foie Gras and champagne than to go out and do something.

Here  is the real  truth in one sentence.

The democrats use it so that people can vote twice – once under their own name,  and once  under someone elses’, and illegal immigrants will do the same.

Without a voter ID law, it is the perfect crime. It cannot be proved that it happened. The big mouths that claim  to represent these people state that unequivocally that it only happened once or twice. Well maybe they can tell me how one would go about proving how many times it happens with people not getting caught.

Catch 22, Can’t prove it without an ID stating you are not who you say you are, can you?

Now, who is being naive?

Monkeys and Golf – A Lethal Combination

Is anyone here a golfer?

I am.

I love the game.

It is the only game that you play against yourself and if you cheat, you only cheat yourself.

So I am golfing yesterday.., as I had a half day off.

Royal Nairobi Country Club. Kenya. It’s been around for a hundred years.

So I must explain this story for those of you who are not golfers.

In the U.S. we have things on the golf course called ‘hazards’.

They could be a fence at the out-of-bounds line, or a water hole, or a sand-trap, or just some really gnarly bushes.

All of these hazards are very detrimental to your score and one must try to avoid them at all costs.

Let me segway for a moment, as this will have a direct bearing on my story coming up…

Has anyone seen the very old 7-UP commercials with that Jamaican actor who dresses up all in white, looks at the screen, and says (in a very deep voice), “7-Up, the uncola! NO caffeine, never had it, never will! AHH-HA-HA-HA!!!

Does anyone remember that commercial?

I would also like to ask if anyone has seen the movie ‘Caddyshack’?

Remember the part where that goofy bastard Rodney Dangerfield says to the entire golf course.., “ Let’s Party?” (my words, not his.., he actually said ‘get laid’)

Okay, back to my story.

This country club was founded by the British exactly 100 years ago.

It is a very nice course with people from all over the world playing it.

It is actually kind of funny to see the Buddists playing in their head-wraps (no offense meant).

So I am golfing terribly, as I have not golfed in about 3 years.

I am on my first loop (round of golf), on the front nine (first half of the course), and I am shooting terribly.

No, no, no.., I mean terribly.

So I found a hazard I have never encountered in CONUS (Continental United States).

Monkey attack!

Yes, that’s right. Monkey hazard!!

Now, if you will close your eyes and picture this…,

I hit my ball into some deep rough, (Now one must realize that Nairobi was cut straight out of the jungle.)

I mean everywhere there is not concrete, there is jungle.

So..,When I tell you that the golf course has a rough…,

I mean it has a place you do not want to go find your lost balls.

So I hit into a very deep patch of tall-grass somewhere around the 7th hole.

Well there is one Monkey (the Perimeter Security Monkey, I am guessing), sitting in a low sapling tree watching me. 

As I go into the grass..,

He screams and a hundred heads poke up through the tall grass.


Well, I should tell you that they do not like uninvited guests for dinner. So they get all riled up and start screaming and coming after me.

(Believe it or not, THAT wasn’t the bad part)

As I am running away through the fairway with a bunch of damn monkeys chasing me, screaming, throwing feces…,I have the entire golf course of really dark-skinned black men all dressed up in their golf knickers and polo shirts, laughing their asses off, falling down dropping their golf clubs, and yelling…“RUN, WHITE MAN, RUN!!!” ( in that Jamaican deep voice of the 7-up man – at least that is  what I heard  in my head  as I sprinted for my life)

And..,I didn’t find my ball.

These bastards made me take 2 strokes for a lost ball.I ask any golfer out there, if a monkey steals your ball, chases you, throws feces at your head, and has his attack posse chase you out of your game…,

Should I be penalized 2 strokes?!?

I think not!

Imagine a bunch of Kenyans, laughing, falling down,and seeing the white man get his due.

I am not lying, they all fell over laughing at me running.

Then some idiot told me to play dead.

Do not do this. It doesn’t work!

I am home safely now, but had to toss  out my  underwear :-), and I have a new respect for golf, and golfing ‘hazards’.

So don’t you golfers tell me about your crappy game you shot and the cheap course hazards!!

You do  not know what a real hazard  is.

US Government Condoning fraud and theft???

Did you know the US Military CONDONES fraud?

Well more like looking the other way.

Every Saturday, the US Military allows the Afghan local vendors into the base to sell their goods for about 3 hours. Well, if you have ever been to these bazaars, you would see every last movie and TV series bootlegged and sold for pennies on the dollar.

Even Software. Primavera? $4000? Not here. $10. Microsoft?? Same deal, $10

These local vendors sell everything that is either stolen or fake.

Take jewelry. They sell fake gold, fake precious gems such as diamonds and emeralds, which we buy in great quantity. Most people buying these go home and re-sell them, thus flooding the market with junk.

How about something that might hit a little closer to home.

Has anyone ever had something stolen from them?  Something large and valuable. Vehicle, home robbery, anything like that?

Well there is a chance that your vehicle is being driven around one of the bases in Afghanistan by a member of the US military.

All of the units have funds to rent vehicles to get around the base. Typical passenger vehicles like Toyota SUV’s and pick-up trucks.

Well, most are stolen from all over  the world, and the Military does not even check the VIN’s, but they rent them from every last bogus company here doing business.

So what if you or someone you know had their vehicles stolen. Not the military’s problem, they have bigger fish to fry.

Rule of law? Ha!

The pain and invasivenes you felt when your property was stolen – well that there is a character builder. Do not expect your government to give a rats’ ass about you.

Hope you had insurance.

The soldier or civilian contractor driving it around  a base in Afghanistan thanks  you.

Let me repeat – the US Military rents stolen vehicles from around the world from the contractors here on base, whether they are US, Turkish, Indian, or Afghan.

Our new US Motto – ‘Lead by Example’.

Just not our example.


Winning the ‘War’

How does one win a war that they cannot even admit is a war?

This ‘operation’ is being controlled by bureaucrats from the State Department (which I think is the most corrupt and useless government agency since Tammany Hall).

I have been on the inside for a long time, having seen the processes for approval for anything. I keep trying to tell myself that somebody somewhere knows more than what I see, in order to keep my faith, but time and again it never materializes, and turns into the exact final logical conclusion.

If the US military has to get approval from all the other NATO nations for any type of mission, and you get one vote against, then explain how anything gets done.

Last year, I was up in the mountains at a certain small FOB (Forward Operating Base), and any mission had to get approval from another NATO military partner – even if we knew exactly where and what the Taliban was doing.

Well, most times, this other military would say yes to the operation and go through all the planning, then within the last 24 hours before launch, they would stand down; effectively losing the upper hand against the enemy and letting them live to fight another day. Not to mention the cost and aggravation of the men involved.

Sorry, I am going a bit off course on a tangent, but the story remains the same, whether it is State Department or NATO.

Let me be EXTEMELY clear; these enemies are not going to lay down arms, nor are they going to ever be our friends. Unfortunately, the State Department eggheads think if they play Santa Claus with enough of our taxpayer dollars, they will eventually turn against their hardcore believers and start liking us, the infidels.

What a laugh!

The only laughing I see is them with their hands out and all smiles and handshakes for the big shots (or big sh—) from the Government. They take as much as the government is willing to give, and laugh all the way to the bank, then they share with the enemy; because if our soldiers keep dying, then they can act as if they are a needed asset, trying to help.

In other words, they play both sides of the fence. Too much for a State Department official to wrap their brainiac thought processes around.

Here are some great facts:

1) Since we do not escort the convoys that carry our supplies (this was an attempt to do war on the cheap), we now pay a bribe to the warlords EVERY time the shipments go through. And then they take whatever they want while en-route. Try finding a vehicle that came to the base with the battery or any fluids still in it. Do you think the money does not go back to the enemy?? So in actuality, the war cost us much more, but it is a trick of accounting.

We spend upward of $8 thousand dollars to get fuel through Medullah Kahns’ territory each time a convoy goes through. Add that up. It is in the hundreds of millions of dollars already. that is just one warlord. Fuel shipments are routinely 10% short. PX supplies can be found every Saturday at the Haji Bazaar (With the Bar Codes still on the packaging) – amazing. We allow theft under our noses and they sell it back to us in full view of the military.

What do you think would happen if their friends from the movie industry came by and saw that??

Yes, they are most definitely NOT laughing at us all the way to the bank.

2) We pay the Afghan government land lease fees for every base we have here.

Sure, you might think, “Well, it is their land.”, but then you find out what they are charging for worthless desert.

A small base commands about $90k USD every month. (and we have over 200 bases around the country). Many bases are 10 times that amount.

Now strap yourselves in for the really funny part (I don’t want any of you hurt by laughing so hard you fall out of your chairs)…,

They pay the Ministry of EDUCATION for all that land.

I repeat, The Ministry of Education.

Yes, my friends; they pay an education department of a corrupt government that is the most non-existent in all of both the civilized and uncivilized world.

So where is all this ‘Education’?

The country with the least amount of education seems to have every last piece of worthless land saved for the children of the future – whatever cool poster wording that falls into our beloved governmental bureaucratic minds.

More and more, I think our government is full of mentally challenged individuals. No…, stop, that is insulting to the truly challenged. These bureaucrats actually think they are smarter than the rest of us common sense types.

I know this from years of having to eat with and listen to them postulate about how they know what is best and how they had a great meeting with a tribal elder who they gave out millions of dollars to. WOW!!

Example: they routinely go into villages and valleys doing “Provincial Reconstruction efforts” – a cute name that is meaningless. Reconstruction means that we are rebuilding something we destroyed – which we are not.

It is a bribe scheme to get villagers on our side (which they will never be – they just want to be left alone and not pledge allegiance to either side).

So we promise them something useful, say, a well. A water well.

Well, as soon as one villager gets one on his property or near it, then the infighting starts and we have to give them another well, and another, and another, until everyone has a well to call their own, even though it all comes from the same water table, which cannot sustain 5, 6, 10 wells in the same mountain village. So all we are doing is appeasing their pride, but minimizing their individual well outputs.

Oh yes, I forgot, the individual wells are costing us about $1.1 to $1.5 million each.

All to produce the same amount of water that one well would produce.

Now, this is only wells; the same goes on for everything. We build schools that are never going to be used. We hire Afghan contractors to do construction and they have never done construction. Only to put millions of dollars into select privileged families pockets.

Every last time we give them a contract – I mean every last time, we have to tear it apart and redo the work.

Thank you taxpayers!


Government jobs. Once you’re in – you’re really in!

I just finished reading an article about abuse of Turkeys at a farm in North Carolina. That is not the part of the story that I am interested in, although I care deeply about humane treatment of all animals including everything we are going to eat.

The real story is about a Doctor at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture who knowingly and willingly tampered in an investigation by calling her friend who worked for the company being investigated.

Background: Butterball (the company that supplies over 20% of the US Turkey market) was being investigated by Hoke County for animal abuse regarding a video that an animal rights group filmed during their time working undercover as an employee.

So this group made a video of several employees mistreating the Turkeys, then turned it in to the County Police, who investigated and then decided to plan a raid on the plant.

Well, this person, the Director of Animal Health Programs for the state Agriculture Department, was informed of the impending raid and proceeded to call her friend, who was a veterinarian at Butterball, telling them that the raid was imminent.

This Director was caught, tried, and convicted. She received a 45 day suspended sentence and was put on probation at the Department of Agriculture.

Is this the end of the story?

In my alternative mind, not on your life! It raises other questions.

First, why was her sentence suspended? We are talking about committing a really, really serious crime, and without hard punishments, more people will be prone to committing these types of crimes, “Ouch, a slap on the wrist!”

More importantly, why was she not fired?

I’ll tell you why.

The Government (I was going to say, ‘Our Government’ – but if you still believe that, then you need medication).

Okay, the government will protect its own, ignore lawbreakers, push things under the table to hide misdeeds and crimes, and never, ever, ever do the right thing, which should be to keep our public trust.  That’s a funny word, ‘Public Trust’, because nobody in government understands what it means any more, especially our politicians.

Now the way I see things is like this…,

Say a person accidentally or unintentionally did something wrong or did not know the proper policy and procedure. In this situation, their superiors should rightfully take corrective action, write a report, then retrain for proper policy and procedure execution.

The key words here are accidental or unintentional. Nobody should be terminated for that;

But to give a person probation for a thoroughly planned and intentional criminal act??

I want that job.

I once read about a mail carrier that had been hiding First Class mail in his house for years.

Federal crime, right? Yes.

Punishment? Wrong. He did not get fired.

Think about the massive damage to private citizens that has caused – credit ratings from bills not paid, bills not delivered, etc…

Our government has thousands and thousands of occurrences such as these, but yet nobody gets a real punishment. They get ‘transferred’ or ‘re-assigned’, Better yet, a clean start in a new agency or department.

You always read about this in the paper, but nobody ever fully covers the outcomes of these individuals without any moral compass or ethics.

Does anyone really believe this lady will suddenly become ethical from a mandatory ethics class?? This is funny and sad all at once. Not for the lady who pulled this off, but for the stupidity, arrogance, protectionist mentality, and patronage values of ‘our’ government.

It boggles the mind.

And pisses me off.

Corporate Governance – Lacking in America?

I know a man – a good friend – who is the epitome of what is right and what is wrong in business and society today.

This is a sad story and a tale of injustice.

Let’s call him Nathan Hale for our purposes.

He worked for a defense contractor in Afghanistan.

Let’s make up a name and call the company Finecorp.

Nathan is your regular hard-working man who aspires to succeed and outperform in everything he does professionally. Well maybe not a regular man, but rather a man who is not happy with status quo or doing things wrong just to get it done. Going with the flow and looking the other way is not in Nathan’s character. He is the kind of guy who will always think both inside and outside the box, and look at all the angles before making a decision or moving forward.

He has spent the last eight years overseas serving the troops, away from family and friends, sleeping in tents on cots, no privacy, extremely hot weather, standing in line for food, Mortar attacks regularly, knowing many friends that have paid the ultimate price, and working harder than most to be promoted more often than most.

There is nobody in theater that will or can say that he has ever compromised his ethics or cheated anyone or anything here – a rare find in this ‘Dog eat dog – Last man standing’ environment. He has stood up to unscrupulous bosses much more than once at great risk to his position, just to do the right thing or protect his subordinates from injustices.

This man always stands up for his subordinates, gives them positive reinforcement, training when needed, protection from abuse from above, and a fair shake during a miscue. He has almost zero resignations under him and far less terminations than other Management in similar capacities (this is a huge cost in contingency environments).

Mr. Hale likes to involve his employees to make them feel like they are part of the process and their input is appreciated. He will round-table project kick-offs and certain corrective management meetings, letting his employees be heard. When that is impractical, he always executes a decisive management decision.

His reporting and audits always far exceed what others submit in professionalism and metrics.

I know this because he has always receives rave reviews from his subordinates, peers, customers, and his superiors. I even hear it from people I meet who have no reason to talk well of this man.

I should mention that this example is real and takes place on a military base in the Afghanistan Theater, so the control baseline group is exact.

Well, you might ask, “Okay, so what is wrong with this guy? Is he afraid to fire a person when it is warranted?  Is he more worried about his men and how they look at him over production and results?

The answer is a resounding  ‘No’!

He showed me a production spreadsheet tracking the numbers across an entire program to include his site as well as 7 others doing the exact same position, job, and program. His results were 18% higher than anyone else in theater.

Here is what he said about terminating an employee.

“We as management and representatives of the company have an important obligation to our subordinates. As much as we are taking a chance on them, they are taking a far bigger risk as they put their family’s fate in our hands. So we must give them the full and proper training, support, and justice during their time with the company. That includes protections against unwarranted terminations. We owe them that little.”

Factor these qualities in with almost zero resignations (none due to him), and a happy, productive workforce and what do you get?

A company gets a valued Manager, happy employees, great production, no ethical concerns, no employee relations charges filed, no lawsuits, no bad-mouthing of the company to the public, and everybody is happy all-around, right?

Well, you would think so.

Not in this case or many more like it.

Nathan was put on the ‘hit-list’ because he did not join the ‘clique’. Men in positions equal to his had far higher terminations, resignations, and a minimum of 18% lower production statistics. They loved to show their authority to their employees for no other reason than it showed who the boss was. Their employees were harassed, fired unjustly, and made the program look bad from an outsider’s perspective.

Nathan was verbally abused and physically threatened. His superior continuously wrote him up on falsified charges that were provable lies though paper trails and employee confirmations – none of which were ever checked  before the  steamrolling took place. This superior actually made up lies to write down for counseling write-ups. His own company policy was violated when he was put on probation and terminated after 10 days – against his own company policy of 30 day probation for retraining and reassessment.

There was another Manager who did the right thing and wrote up a report siding with Nathan – doing the right thing.

He was terminated exactly ninety-one days after Nathan was terminated. Ninety-one days is exactly one day past the ‘No repercussions or retaliations’ company statute ran out. The reasons were comical to say the least.

Six months later this terrible Manager was re-assigned to another program and was not given the opportunity to re-sign a continuing contract for the program he was currently on, while all his subordinates were re-signed.

The employees all threw a celebration barbecue because this man was so vehemently hated.

What does Nathan do at this point?

Forget the company’s internal Employee Relations board, they have a vested interest to twist an investigation and find any reason to not open themselves up to a lawsuit. He tried.

Even with a positive finding, he was told the ER board did not have any authority to give him his job back.

Now with a termination on his record, no other companies will touch him. It is hard for character references from Eight Thousand miles away talking to or writing to an HR department in the States that does not know this man personally. All a potential employer has to do is call the last employer and find out he has been terminated.

End of game.

Eight years of sacrifice and it is all down the drain.

One year after the  fact, his savings have run out.

His credit is wrecked.

Professional reputation destroyed.

He owes the IRS massive and crushing amounts of money due to his termination and loss of his overseas tax-exemption.

He had to sublet his  apartment and now has no place to live and is currently living in Afghanistan in a villa with compassionate friends, desperately looking for work. He continuously hears from ex-employees that say he was the best manager they have ever had;

But that does not put food on the table.

Some of you pro-business types may say,

”Hey, a company has ‘at-will’ employment”.

Well, yes and no. A private company surely has ‘at-will’ rights to terminate, but what about corporate governance? Ethics? What about obligations to a company’s board that they act honestly and honorably? Doing the right thing by your lowest level employees and not just covering for the top? What about the company’s reputation when they do this over and over again to employees?

Then the issue of working a government contract. The contract employees are offered a bit more protections by the  government in the contract, a fact that the companies try desperately to hide from them.

Most assuredly they have to answer to the government whose contract they are on when the government is paying the massive expenses of mobilizations and de-mobilizations.

I hear all the time from people over in Afghanistan who work with and near the company that this company’s reputation is in the toilet, and this includes their customer – the troops.

All the while, what about Nathan?

After losing everything, he has nothing  left to lose. A person with nothing to lose is a tragedy in our society, especially when it is undeserved. So will he turn into that ugly person who tries  to embarass the company? File a lawsuit? Go to the press  with his intimate knowledge of the company?

I do not know  what the path forward is, nor do I know if he will attempt something like embarrassing the company by telling his story or what he may know? Even just trash-talking  the  company is not in his character. But will it become his new character? We are all shaped by events in our lives, which may make us better, stronger, weaker, nicer, meaner, or just make us give up on human decency.

This is the saddest outcome.

What should the company do, or should they be held accountable for what is clearly their fault?

I hope for the best for Nathan, but worry I will not see him recover in this crap environment.

What are my intentions??

So as I sit here in my far too uncomfortable chair and prepare to write my first Blog on this site, I am asking myself – How do I wish to define this Blog?

Named after Thomas Jefferson – I believe in what the Founding Fathers fought for and wrote about. Wishing we could find that courage today in our leadership, and our brothers and sisters.

First and foremost, I wish to rail against bad and corrupt government, bad policies and bad politicians. Having worked with the government for almost ten years, I have witnessed many things that would put people in jail and ruin businesses, along with making Joe and Jane Taxpayer lose faith in their governing bodies.

Secondly, I want to stand on my soapbox preaching what I see wrong with businesses today, and their Corporate Governance and ethical/moral bankruptcy.

Finally, none of the above can happen without the full complicity of man’s weaknesses with greed, power, and corruption. Pondering these trappings in several different viewpoints, including the human side, existential, spiritual, and moral dilemmas that make some choose very, very badly with no regard to the most basic qualities of a civilized society.

So basically, this Blog is about whatever is pissing me off or making me happy at the moment.

Now this would make most people run screaming with blood shooting out of their ears and from behind their eyeballs in a massive aneurism, curled up in fetal position on the floor sucking their thumb, or going back to their usual position of mind-numbing sedentary Barcalounger-prone positions while watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

But hopefully some will enjoy my rants and exposing of the massive illegitimacy and defrauding of the American People.

How does one read this and not leave this page depressed??

Well slow down Cowboy and put the guns away. :-)

Pour a beer or glass of wine.

Well, I thought about this and figured I would lace in some good laughs and good cocktails.

Now uncork that wine and  let’s  decompress!

Let’s all get educated, get informed, and find a bit of humor in the interim.

Hello World

I started this  blog with the vision to enlighten people to some dirty hidden truths in our government, challenge their beliefs, attempt to elicit common sense views, to rage against inconvenient injustices – and seek the secret to making a perfect sandwich.


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